Your riding bonus: bike riding is great for your health!

Cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle

The bike provides easy access to places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to visit with a car and makes the city much more accessible.
Using a bike instead of a car helps reduce noise and air pollution.
Cycling is environmentally friendly and also promotes a healthy lifestyle and quality of life.

Everyone knows that cycling will get you where you want to go faster, safer, greener, and less expensively than getting stuck yet again in traffic or looking endlessly for a parking space. And don’t forget: when you cycle to work, to study, or just on errands in the city, you are also getting an aerobic workout at the same time.

Cycling has many advantages:
It’s good for your heart and health.
It’s a fun, enjoyable aerobic activity. Cycling on a daily basis reduces the risk of life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Cycling aids in maintaining your weight and a healthy body.
Cycling can enhance your feeling of well-being.
Research has shown that cycling reduces depression and anxiety, improves your mental health and boosts your self-confidence.

In addition, because you burn calories when riding a bike, cycling can be part of a weight loss program and help you to maintain your weight.
One hour’s cycling can help you burn an average of between 200-300 calories and also raise your metabolic rate.

Remember: always ride carefully!

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